Ashleigh Butler

The Small Kitchen Cook

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Ashleigh Butler has spent a decade living and travelling in campervans across the United States and Australia with her partner, Jared. With years of experience as a cook and caterer, Ash didn’t hesitate to leave the conveniences of suburban life behind for a unique adventure – but that didn’t mean she was willing to abandon conscious cooking, even if it meant getting clever in unconventional kitchens. In this first collection of more than 65 recipes created for campervans, caravans, and tiny homes, Ash shows you how to cook delicious, seasonal, and nourishing food, even if your only equipment is a two-burner stove, a small fridge, and an incredible, everchanging view. Each recipe will delight anyone who wants to prepare fresh, sustainable, and wholesome meals as varied as the locations and friends encountered on the journey—whether prepared on the road or in a tiny home kitchen. With stunning photography and hand-drawn illustrations to guide you, The Small Kitchen Cook is a must-have for home chefs interested in eating responsible, delicious meals, no matter the size or shape of their kitchen.
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  • Stock code: RBEEM0002
  • Author: Ashleigh Butler
  • Publisher: Pilots and Cruising Guides
  • Publication details: 16, Paperback
  • Edition date: 2022
  • ISBN: 9780645522617
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