Catherine Lawson & David Bristow

The Hunter & The Gatherer

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Do you live on your yacht, or really wish you could? Do you want awesome inspiration for delicious, simple food you can eat while sailing, anchored or exploring? The Hunter & The Gatherer is a cookbook filled with 160+ sustainable, healthy recipes for ocean-loving foodies. Written by liveaboard cruisers, this book is a guide for anyone seeking to live self-sufficiently in harmony with the ocean. Perfect for tiny galleys, long passages, and beach sunsets. “This is a beautiful book, congratulations to Catherine and David. They’ve really made a magnificent guide for sailors” – David Colfelt, author of 100 Magic Miles of the Great Barrier Reef “We really enjoyed reading the thoughtful words on how to live with a small footprint, and the ethos, strategies and recipes behind it all. The photography is stunning! Chef Scott thinks all the recipes sound delicious. – After reading the intro, I just felt like I wanted to dive into this book. I would definitely recommend it to fellow cruisers. The recipes for meals to prepare for passage are great, and I loved the tips about using peppermint tea for staying awake! –
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  • Stock code: RBEEM0001
  • Author: Catherine Lawson & David Bristow
  • Publisher: Pilots and Cruising Guides
  • Publication details: 16, Flexible hard cover
  • Edition date: 2023
  • ISBN: 9780645522631
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