Rod Heikell

Sailing Ancient Seas

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A crippled boat and a lot of broken dreams. A broken marriage and a hunger to sail down into the Indian Ocean. This is both a love story about a boat, his beloved Tetranora and a story of a voyage out of love and into life. Along the way it explores ancient sailing routes from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. Just how did ancient trading vessels get around the Mediterranean and up and down the Red Sea and across and back from India and Southeast Asia? If boats of this era only had a squaresail, how on earth did they make to weather against the prevailingwinds that headed them? And just how did a navigator cross these foreign seas riddled with reefs and beset by tides and winds? In many ways the highs and lows of life on board an old 31 foot sailing boat mirror some of the experiences of the ancients. Sitting in the cockpit of a small sailing boat you are a lot closer to the same seas that the ancients sailed on and the same winds and storms that rattled their halyards than you are in a library. This book tells not only of life after love and of the love of an old wooden sailing boat, but of the adventure of the voyage and of ancient voyagers as well. ‘Rod interweaves his own story with pieces of philosophy and history related to the places he sailed through’. Sailing Today
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  • Author: Rod Heikell
  • Publisher: Instructional
  • Publication details: A5 148.5 x 210mm, Paperback
  • Edition: 1st
  • Edition date: 2015
  • ISBN: 9780957584938
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