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NP282(2) Admiralty List of Radio Signals Vol 2 The Americas, Far East and Oceania

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Radio Aids to Navigation, Differential GPS (DGPS), Legal Time, Radio Time Signals and Electronic Position Fixing System.

The Americas, Far East and Oceania

Listing of VHF Radio Direction-Finding Stations, Worldwide listing of Radar Beacons (Racons and Ramarks), Worldwide listing of known operational Automatics Identification System (AIS), Aids to Navigation (AtoN), Worldwide listing of Radio beacons transmitting DGPS corrections, International Standard and Daylight Saving Times and Dates, International Radio Time Signal Broadcast details, Electronic Position Fixing System

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  • Author: Admiralty SNC
  • Publisher: ADMIRALTY
  • Publication details: 18, Paperback
  • Edition: 2023
  • Edition date: 2023-03-01 0:00:00
  • ISBN: 9780707747415
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