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GP200 Astronomical Phenomena 2024

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This annual publication provides a summary of selected astronomical events. Also tabulated are the equation of time, the declination of the Sun and the Greenwich hour angles of the pole stars Polaris and Octant. It contains information found in Section A of the Astronomical Almanac two years ahead. In addition to Calendarial Digital, there is information on eclipses, planetary phenomena and magnitudes, sun and moon rise/set times, the equation of time and the declination of the Sun and positional information on Polaris and sigma Octantis. It is aimed at those wishing to have advance knowledge of astronomical events occurring during 2023.

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  • Stock code: ABGP200-24
  • Author: Admiralty SNC
  • Publisher: ADMIRALTY
  • Publication details: 17, Paperback
  • Edition: 2023
  • Edition date: 2022-11-24 0:00:00
  • ISBN: 9780160959141
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