Admiralty SNC

GP100 The Astronomical Almanac 2023

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This reference publication contains high precision Digital covering the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and minor planets, timescales, reduction of celestial coordinates, reference frames as well as reference Digital for a variety of astronomical objects. Phenomena including rise/set information, planetary magnitudes and eclipses are also provided. It is aimed at the professional and amateur astronomer, space scientist, geodesist, surveyor and navigator.

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Product Information
  • Stock code: ABGP100-23
  • Author: Admiralty SNC
  • Publisher: ADMIRALTY
  • Publication details: A4 210 x 297mm, Hard cover
  • Edition: 2023
  • Edition date: 2023-06-15 0:00:00
  • ISBN: 9780707746333
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