Tom Cunliffe

Celestial Navigation

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Knowing how to chart a path with the aid of a sextant is an essential navigating skill. In 'Celestial Navigation', veteran yachtsman Tom Cunliffe, reveals how any boat owner can master this seafaring technique, without complex mathematics, using his simplified approach. Readers begin with a sound foundation of basic concepts and definitions, before moving on to the hardware-the sextant and how to use it. Within a few pages, you'll be working out your latitude from a noon sight, and learning how to plot a position from observing the sun, planets, moon or stars-or wherever you may be on the world's oceans.
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  • Stock code: RBWIL0016
  • Author: Tom Cunliffe
  • Publisher: Instructional
  • Publication details: 17, Paperback
  • Edition: 3rd
  • ISBN: 9780470666333
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