Sonia Brodie

Reeds Cooking at Sea Handbook

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Getting breakfast, lunch and dinner from tins quickly becomes boring, but it is relatively easy to prepare and cook interesting, varied and delicious meals with the minimum of space, equipment and – most importantly – hassle. This handy pocket-sized reference book is packed with invaluable advice for feeding a hungry crew for a weekend, a week, a month or even a long-term cruise or ocean passage. A third of the book contains simple but delicious recipe ideas, but most of the book is packed with tips, tricks and guidance from someone who learnt all the secrets (and the pitfalls) during a 2-year cruise with only a single paraffin burner. The book covers: cooking whilst underway; cooking in harbour; food storage tips; how to equip or modify the galley for weekend or long-term cruising; how to provision and plan for coastal cruises or ocean passages; preparing freshly caught fish; baking bread aboard; using a pressure cooker; speed cooking; different foods available in different climates; and much, much more. Keeping food interesting is important, and this colourful aide-mémoire makes cooking at sea simpler, safer and more enjoyable for all aboard.
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  • Stock code: RBADL0069
  • Author: Sonia Brodie
  • Publisher: Instructional
  • Publication details: 160 x 100mm, Paperback
  • Edition date: 2017
  • ISBN: 9781472927798
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